Meet: David Johannessohn

David Johannessohn is best known for his innovative, artistic and detailed designs he creates from a vast array of woods. Many factors have influenced David’s creativity which include his upbringing in the Northern Minnesota countryside, educations in Industrial Arts Education and Auto Body Painting and Repair, and living in vastly different environments such as the varied climates of Northern Minnesota, the tropics of Florida, the deserts of Nevada and now the tranquility of the Olympic Peninsula. As an Industrial Arts educator he stressed the relationship of form and function in all areas of design which can be seen in his wood creations. He has designed and built imaginative children’s kitchen sets, functional folding children’s chairs, elegant rocking horses, whimsical bird houses, wooden canoes adorned with carved decorations, bent canoe paddles and many other practical while stunning wood pieces. Influenced by antique carousel horses, he was inspired to incorporate carvings into his creations which adds a fun-factor to his pieces. He has carved many carousel horses that serve as rocking horses or home decorations. His precise wood carving was a factor in being hired to replicate the delicate wood trim in a sailboat owned by Mrs. Seward Johnson of Johnson and Johnson™ and to design and produce carved curtain rod finials in the summer cottage of Mrs. Mott of Mott Apple Juice™.  David’s hope for the future is to create unique pieces of furniture, carvings, home and yard décor, and other functional items.